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Dr. Andy Neillie will help your leaders increase their influence through developing deeper levels of trust with the teams they lead.

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The Four Leadership Necessities

Are you looking to grow your managers, but don’t know where to start? In this half-day or full-day workshop, Dr. Neillie shows your managers how to lead.  With practical insights, hands-on discussions and industry-specific case studies, your managers will think through their own approaches, and develop specific action items to move from manager to leader.

Specific content for The Four Leadership Necessities workshop begins with a working definition of leadership, the difference between leading and managing, and a review of leadership insights from acknowledged leaders in the field. Once the context is set for a deep dive into leadership effectiveness, the four specific leadership necessities are explored:

  1. Inspired Conviction
  2. Demonstrable Competence
  3. Exemplary Character
  4. Consistent Communication

At the end of this workshop, each of your managers will have the opportunity to develop a personal action plan to improve their performance and advance in their journey of moving from manager to leader.

Two Leadership Conversations every Manager must have

Developmental Coaching – helping your team members grow into future improvement. Performance Coaching – helping your team members move out of past poor performance.  Both of these conversations go to the core of what turns a manager into a leader.

In this half-day workshop, Dr. Neillie first introduces the FAAST Developmental Coaching Model to equip managers with a simple, repeatable approach to grow their team members.  After practicing this FAAST conversation in an industry-specific case study, workshop participants will join Dr. Neillie in the second half of the workshop’s content, where they will be introduced to the Best Practices for Holding Hard Conversations.

The workshop will wrap up with an industry-specific hard-conversation case study, followed by personal commitments and action planning.  Workshop participants will come away from this program with simple, specific steps they can take to improve their leadership conversations.

Eight Things to do Right Now to be a Better Leader

Good leaders balance hands-on management and strategic oversight.  Based on his own experience as a business owner and multiple-territory franchisee, along with work alongside business leaders world-wide, Andy shares the eight practices all leaders must engage in if they want to have short-term and long-term impact on the firms they lead.

Meeting Planners

Based on his leadership thinking and twenty-plus years of reading, research and practicing leadership and influence inside and alongside a variety of organizations, Andy can customize training to meet the specific goals and needs of any organization that needs to develop it’s leaders.

All of Andy’s work on leadership is both warm and heart-felt, based on real-life lessons, as well as research-based, tied to the business leader interviews and 25,000 pages of reading he did for his doctorate on personal development and leadership effectiveness.

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