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Great leaders know: growth starts with them. The best teams are built by leaders who commit to being the best leaders they can be.  The suite of DiSC leadership assessments are powerful tools that leaders have used for more than 30 years to improve their self-awareness and grow in their abilities to lead their teams.


Wiley’s Everything DiSC® suite of assessments are the original self-assessment tools, developed more than three decades ago and used by more than a million people each year to increase awareness and accelerate growth. Now in an online, web-enabled format, three specific DiSC assessments serve leaders well: The DiSC® Management assessment helps you know how to better direct and delegate 1-on-1 with the people you lead.  the DiSC® Work of Leaders assessment helps you lead organizations with vision, alignment, and execution. The DiSC® 363 Leaders assessment provides leaders with a 360º view of their leadership effectiveness.

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If you are looking for a way to upscale your leadership team, these DiSC® leadership assessments will have tremendous impact.  They are particularly powerful tools for emerging leaders, front-line leaders, and leaders who are new to their teams.  When combined with the DiSC® Workplace assessment for team members, the DiSC® leadership assessments can provide deeper insight and a common bond around performance for high-performing teams.

We recently had the opportunity to provide the DiSC® Work of Leaders assessment across an entire organization’s leadership team.


Consistent comments from the leaders we’ve helped confirm: their assessments, and the training and coaching we provided alongside their assessments, have given them greater self-awareness, helped them understand their team members better, and allowed them to drive performance while strengthening the relationship dynamics on their teams.

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Dr. Andy Neillie just spent the last two days with us at the Global Sales Operations Director’s Offsite, leading us through his course on The Trustworthy Leader. As always, Andy was outstanding. The fifty Directors and VPs in the audience greatly appreciated the experience and insight that he brought to the table, and we are looking forward to working with Andy again in the near future.

— Sheri Smith, Sr. Manager, GSO Talent Management, Cisco Systems


Andy earned his doctorate in personal development and leadership effectiveness. He also has real-world business experience as the founder and CEO of several organizations that produce more than 1 million in annual revenues.

Andy brings his unique perspectives in a warm and heart-felt manner to audiences large and small.

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