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Leadership Development for Pet Care Business Owners and Managers

Everyone loves their pets.  But, as you know, being in the pet business isn’t as fun-and-easy as everyone thinks it is.There seem to be new competitors emerging every week. Profits are squeezed. Difficult supplier relationships, customers who think they know more than you do, even challenging landlords and growing legal and taxation complexities – all of these seem to conspire against your long-term success.  As every pet-oriented business owner and manager knows, your challenges go on and on.  And at the top of the list for most leaders like you: recruiting and building a productive, motivated team in a business environment where finding – and keeping – the right people is a huge challenge.

How can you build a team of managers that will attract and keep talented workers, drive your business and create loyal customers?

That’s where leadership comes in.   Yourmanagers  need to become  leaders  that people  want  to work for. Like you, Andy Neillie loves his pets.  His book, “The Golden Principles: Life and Leadership Lessons from a Rescued Dog” is an Amazon bestseller about the many dogs his family has rescued over the years.  Dr. Andy is also a nationally recognized leadership authority and award-winning speaker. Andy knows the leadership and management challenges you face.  And he can help. 

Dr. Andy’s clients have found his training program, The Four Leadership Necessities, to be a powerful investment that turns managers into leaders. 

This 4-hour workshop gives owners and their management teams insight and practical know-how on the four vital areas of leadership: conviction, competence, character and communication. These four areas of leadership address the consistent challenges from study after study on business leadership in the pet industry and other industries: what does it take for leaders to grow, and as a result, create high-caliber teams and team members who come, stay and drive success for their companies? Business leader – do you want to turn your managers into leaders?  This program is for you.

woman and man examing a golden retriever

Andy was an absolute joy to work with. He actively engaged with me in the building of a comprehensive event, customizing his leadership materials to our participants, and was always willing to go the extra mile to make the event all the more dynamic and cohesive. On-top of my high opinion of him, the attendees benefited from his presentations immensely. When it comes to learning about leadership, Andy is your guy. I look forward to hopefully working with him again, in the future.

— Ralph Hinkle, Director of Programming, Produce Marketing Association