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Be Strong and Courageous: Embracing Fear and Anxiety in Leadership

By Andy Neillie | April 30, 2024

Leadership is not just about guiding others but also about handling our own fears and anxieties. In our latest leadership episode, we are exploring the timeless call to “be strong and courageous,” a mandate that has encouraged leaders for generations.

Here are three key takeaways from this inspiring session:

· Courage in Leadership: Understand that leadership involves periods of fear and anxiety. Acknowledging this can empower you to handle challenges more effectively.

· You’re Not Alone: Even the greatest leaders,…

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Thriving in the Shade: Lessons in Growth and Leadership from Asiatic Jasmine, 4.9.2

By Andy Neillie | April 11, 2024

Asiatic Jasmine is not native to central Texas, but it thrives here. Evergreen, hardy, heat- and drought-resistant, Asiatic Jasmine is a favorite ground cover plant for Texas…

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Dive into Leadership on the High Performance Mindset Podcast

By Andy Neillie | March 20, 2024

Fellow leader,

I recently had the pleasure of joining Dr. Cindra Kamphoff on her podcast, The High Performance Mindset…

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Bigger Broader Further

By Andy Neillie | March 7, 2024

Are you thinking Bigger? Broader? Further?

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Here we go: Success and Failure

By Andy Neillie | February 16, 2024

What do success and risk have in common?

My wife and I own several swim schools in central Texas. Last year, we provided more than 200,000 swim lessons at our five facilities. We helped a lot of kids grow stronger and more comfortable in and around the water.  It was a very successful year of providing more lessons to more children than ever.

We also had a very risky year.  We demolished and rebuilt one of our five swim school at the same time we were building a brand new school. 

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The Golden Principles: Meet Them Where They Are

By Andy Neillie | January 17, 2024

A leadership lesson from our newest dog, Traveler.

This important lesson is key as we lead people, especially in this generation. We need to meet them where they are to take them to where they need to be. We may need to meet them in their excitement, disappointment, humor, and even their shortcomings.

Leaders earn the right to lead when their followers sense they are down in the trenches with them. How will you implement this lesson in your future interactions with your team members?

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Ted Lasso is Wrong

By Andy Neillie | January 3, 2024

Ted Lasso is wrong, but we still need to act like goldfish.

Fellow leader – if you’re a fan of Ted Lasso, you’ll remember the wisdom Ted shares with his “futball” athletes after every bad play or loss on the soccer field: “A goldfish only has a three second memory.  You need to be like a goldfish.  Forget the bad game and move on.”



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Mirrors Are Only for Glancing

By Andy Neillie | December 5, 2023


Michelle Kazary is a life-long hair stylist. (BTW: she does great haircuts!!!) Michele’s salon, as is fitting for a stylist’s salon, has mirrors on the walls and at least a couple of handheld mirrors.  The last time I sat in Michelle’s chair, she made a brief comment about spending so much time in a salon with mirrors. She said “Mirrors are only for glancing.  Nobody should spend too much time looking at themselves.” I heard in the wise tone of her voice the recognition that people in her industry – and the whole body-beautiful movement itself – can easily become vain and narcissistic.

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Sometimes Leaders Go Last

By Andy Neillie | November 3, 2023

While there are many times that leaders need to be out front, many times the best leaders put others in front of them to build their organizations and bring the best out of people.


Weight lifting


Our CrossFit gym hosts a workout on Saturday mornings that is free and open to anyone. This workout is more than a workout – it’s an invitation to the broader community to come and join us.

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