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Leadership Development for Construction Business Owners and Managers

“He swings a hammer.” That’s all others think you do to lead a construction firm. As if construction leaders even got to swing hammers anymore in the midst of all the business challenges you have to deal with. Big companies that squeeze margins to the bleeding point.  A&E firms that give you plans that don’t fully make sense.  Project management timeframes that are unreasonable.  Supply delays.  Equipment shortages.  Weather delays.  Your responsibilities go on and on.  And at the top of the list for most construction leaders: recruiting and building a productive, motivated team in a business environment where finding – and keeping – the right people is a huge challenge.

How can you build a team of managers that will attract and keep talented workers, drive your business and deliver profitable jobs?

That’s where leadership comes in.   Yourmanagers  need to become  leaders  that people  want  to work for. Andy Neillie grew up “swinging a hammer.”  He knows the challenges trade firms face.  He’s also a nationally recognized nationally-recognized leadership authority, best-selling author and award-winning speaker. Andy knows the challenges you face.  And he can help. 

Dr. Andy’s clients have found his training program, The Four Leadership Necessities, to be a powerful investment that turns managers into leaders. 

This 4-hour workshop gives owners and their management teams insight and practical know-how on the four vital areas of leadership: conviction, competence, character and communication. These four areas of leadership address the consistent challenges from study after study on leadership: what does it take for leaders to grow, and as a result, create high-caliber teams and team members who come, stay and drive success for their companies? Business owner – do you want to turn your managers into leaders?  This program is for you. 

man and woman wearing hard hats and bright yellow vests in building under construction

Andy Neillie has delivered excellence for our city workers. His presentation skills and warm personality combined to drive home the importance of the material he was presenting.

— Charlotte Waddle, Training Manager, City of Phoenix