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Leadership Development for Direct Marketing Leaders

Direct marketing isn’t as easy as they think it is.  As someone committed to growing your team and having them be successful under you, you know that. Recruiting the right type of team members.  Motivating them on an on-going basis in the midst of a distracted – and competitive – world is hard work!  Add in the growing compliance, legal and taxation complexities – all of these seem to conspire against your long-term success.  As every direct marketer knows, your challenges go on and on.  And at the very top of the list: recruiting and building a productive, motivated team in a business environment where finding – and keeping – the right people is a huge challenge. 

How can you build your team members into leaders that will attract leaders below them, drive your business and create incredible loyalty?

That’s where leadership comes in.  How can you build your team members into leaders that will attract leaders below them, drive your business and create incredible loyalty?  Your team members  need to become  leaders  that people  want  to work with and for.  Leaders that will motivate.  Leaders that earn trust.  Leaders that inspire and encourage.  Leaders that others aspire to be like. Andy Neillie has grown a small business himself.  He’s built a team of a dozen managers and as many as 100 team members, turning their work into a $2.5 million annual business.  He’s also trained leaders for such direct marketing firms as DoTerra and Monat.  He’s a nationally recognizednationally-recognized leadership authority, best-selling author and award-winning speaker. Andy knows the unique motivation and leadership challenges you face in the direct marketing world.  And he can help. 

Dr. Andy’s clients have found his training program, The Four Leadership Necessities, to be a powerful investment that turns people into leaders. 

This 4-hour workshop gives your team members insight and practical know-how on the four vital areas of leadership: conviction, competence, character and communication. These four areas of leadership address the consistent challenges direct marketing teams face: what does it take for leaders to grow, and as a result, create high-caliber teams and team members who come, stay and drive success for everyone above them? Business leader – do you want to turn the people below you into leaders that will grow your business?  This program is for you.

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As an avid reader, I’m familiar with most of the current thinking about personal leadership improvement. Andy’s perspective is fresh, honest and profound. I benefited greatly from listening to him, and strongly recommend his speeches and workshops to anyone who wants to be inspired to live a better life.

— Randy Rollo, President, Randy Rollo Homes