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Leadership Minute Video: Tom Miller Dam

By Andy Neillie | June 11, 2016

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Leadership Minute Video: Brand Clarity

By Andy Neillie | June 10, 2016

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By Andy Neillie | June 5, 2016

We were at one of those local indoor gaming centers. You order bad pizza and free coke refills for the evening, and you and the rest of your party purchase game tickets to the multitude of arcade games they have at their facility. This is not my idea of a great party, nevertheless, the team had voted, and here we were.

I wandered from game to game, watching our team members have fun playing mindless competitions.

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Leadership Minute Video: Leadership Courage

By Andy Neillie | June 2, 2016

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A heated steering wheel and air-conditioned seats

By Andy Neillie | May 31, 2016

I upgraded to an off-lease Jeep Grand Cherokee a couple of years ago. Because I was buying a used car, it came with options that I never would have checked the box for if I was buying a new car – like a heated steering wheel and air-conditioned front seats.

Here’s the surprising thing: in the winter I love my heated steering wheel. In the summer I love my air-conditioned seats.

What’s the lesson for leaders?

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Leadership Minute Video: Sometimes the best leaders are peers!

By Andy Neillie | May 28, 2016

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6 best practices when you need to replace a leader

By Andy Neillie | May 24, 2016

Stacy’s time as a manager at the firm was coming to an end. She had started strong – for the first two years, her leadership of her team seemed to work well. They regularly met and even exceeded their goals. Team morale seemed strong. Innovation and energy were evident. Unfortunately, even early on there were indications that she wasn’t being the leader her team needed. Her staff turnover was higher than the other managers and even the people who stayed weren’t being promoted;

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Leadership Minute Video: Be Present, Leader!

By Andy Neillie | May 20, 2016

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Leadership Minute Video: No Bad Teams; only Bad Leaders

By Andy Neillie | May 15, 2016

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