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Here we go: Success and Failure

What do success and risk have in common?

My wife and I own several swim schools in central Texas. Last year, we provided more than 200,000 swim lessons at our five facilities. We helped a lot of kids grow stronger and more comfortable in and around the water.  It was a very successful year of providing more lessons to more children than ever.

We also had a very risky year.  We demolished and rebuilt one of our five swim school at the same time we were building a brand new school. 

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How are you at “Interpreting the Blur?”

Andy at the optometrist

Dr. Laura Miller owns Northwest Hills Eye Care in Austin, Texas. She’s been practicing for a number of years and has a very impressive resume. She was the recipient of the “Corning Low Vision Award” when she was a student at the University of Houston as well as the “Young Alumni of the Year” from the Texas Optometric Association. She is currently the past president of the Central Texas Optometric Society. It’s no overstatement to say that Dr.

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Who Makes The Coffee?

Is there a job that you think is beneath you? Has your education, position, title, or wealth elevated you beyond performing mundane tasks?

My friend Todd Thompson shares this story from his sales career…

My first General Agent was Whitey Thompson (no relation). Whitey was the quintessential old school life insurance man, in the very best sense of the word. Sharply dressed, always smiling, always enthusiastic, and always made you feel important.

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What Do You See?

My friend Todd Thompson tells this story…

“My twins Annie and Emma were not quite 4 years old. The three of us were at a Home Depot in Chandler, AZ. We rounded a corner in the back of the store when I look toward the far end of the aisle. Rolling toward us, dressed in boots, jeans, a western shirt and cowboy hat is a paraplegic man in a wheelchair.

Before I can say anything,

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