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A heated steering wheel and air-conditioned seats

I upgraded to an off-lease Jeep Grand Cherokee a couple of years ago. Because I was buying a used car, it came with options that I never would have checked the box for if I was buying a new car – like a heated steering wheel and air-conditioned front seats.

Here’s the surprising thing: in the winter I love my heated steering wheel. In the summer I love my air-conditioned seats.

What’s the lesson for leaders? Sometimes our influence is in the small things.

I’m a huge fan of my used Jeep Grand Cherokee. It might be the nicest SUV I’ve ever owned. More importantly for Chrysler Jeep, it might convince this brand-hopper to become a repeat buyer. Not because it has vaunted off-road capabilities. Not because it has the Jeep heritage. Not because it has lots of horsepower, a split rear seat, multiple storage bins, a back-up camera, good gas mileage or a number of other things that are mentioned in the automotive press. Not because of any big things – because of little things.

Leader – what are some “little things” that you can do to strengthen your leadership? Most of mine revolve around better informal communication with my team – I need to be more purposeful and communicate more often. How about you?