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Leadership Cross-Training

I’ve been able to do 24 workouts in the past eight weeks; an average of three per week.  Not quite as many as I had hoped for, but better by far that the last couple of years.  I’m more committed to physical fitness than I’ve been in a while, and it feels good for this old strength coach to get back into the gym.  Doing a variety of exercises is also reminding me of the need for leaders to practice their own version of development: “Leadership Cross-Training” if you would.

I’m getting myself back into shape

A year ago, I was introduced to a gym, Train4TheGame, that has a program that works very well for me.  The man who runs the gym is a former professional trainer for the University of Texas.  He has a number of exercise physiologists who work for him, and they have a variety of classes they offer throughout the week.  Not a traditional workout place, T4TG is part therapy center and part cross-fit gym.

Part of what works well for me is the variety.  I’ve got some hip and back issues, and the amount of stretching and variety of exercises they have me do is keeping me from aggravating old injuries while helping me regain flexibility and strength.

Cross-Training is the latest-and-greatest way to stay in shape

You are probably familiar with cross-training.  In place of the old bench-and-barbell routines that many of us did growing up, cross-training incorporates a variety of movements and equipment.  I use ropes, kettle bells and heavy balls during my workouts, all of which try to approximate more natural movements and make me stronger and more flexible for real-life activities.

Doing cross-training with a variety of different pieces of equipment reminded me of how leaders need to develop themselves.  “Leadership cross-training” means you and I need to grow and stretch ourselves as leaders in a variety of areas.

Leadership Cross-Training

Self-awareness would be at the top of the list; social IQ would be a close second.  Staying up on legislative and regulatory changes is necessary for you and me to lead our organizations well.  Budgetary and fiscal awareness is one of the areas where I’ve needed to grow a great deal in the past few years.  Personnel, HR, vendor contracts, etc.  There’s lots of areas you and I as leaders need to grow into.  Where are you weak?  Where do you need to practice your own version of “leadership cross-training?”