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“This winsome book delivers timeless truths that help leaders balance their hearts and their heads. My employees, clients, suppliers, and most importantly, my family, thank you for making me a better leader. What a great book!”

Ron Sciarro, President & CEO Workplace Safety Specialists

The Golden Principles 1st Edition by Dr. Andy Neillie

The Golden Principles

Life and leadership lessons from a rescued dog

We adopted Redford from a horrible situation when he, along with 65 other dogs, was rescued from an Arkansas puppy mill in the fall of 2004. When he came to our home, he had much to learn about relationships and trust.

And so did we.

The Golden Principles captures many of the life lessons we’ve learned from loving this wonderful, wounded dog.

Voted a “Best Book of the Year”

By Amazon’s Editors’ Picks 2015.


  1. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone, it takes time for your love to be trusted.
  2. If you really want to reach someone, you have to get down to their level.
  3. Positive reinforcement always works better than negative reinforcement.
  4. Always remember who you need to connect with.
  5. Emotional commitment comes through emotional connection.
  6. Leading and loving are both expensive propositions.
  7. Its not about me.
  8. Sometimes peers make the best leaders.
  9. Start slow and build momentum.
  10. Change takes time.
Andy Neillie knows leadership. His character-based leadership principles have made him a popular coach for executives and leaders all over the world. Beyond that, Andy is a leader. He speaks about leadership from his head and his heart, and the combination works. Whether you lead a family, a scout troop, a PTA, a church, a small business or a Fortune 500, Andy’s teachings on leadership in The Golden Principles will be well worth your investment. Buy this book. You’ll be a better leader for it.
Dr. Will Davis Jr., Senior Pastor, Austin Christian Fellowship