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Grace for the Present

I recently went to a church service with some friends where the pastor talked through the age-old story of when Jesus walks on the water and calms his disciples during a storm. His point from the message? At times, there may be big storms raging, and big questions unanswered, but you just need to live in “Grace for the Present.”

Wave crashing near light tower

Over the last two (!) years throughout this pandemic, our world has struggled through some of the most painful times imaginable. Sickness, loss of loved ones, changes to work and home life, having to socially distance, the list goes on. Which is why Grace for the Present is so important. When we start to look too far ahead (or too far behind), it can seem daunting and overwhelming, but focusing on the here and now – the “present,” can bring us back.

My wife and I are titling 2022 “The Boundary Year,” as we have some major life changes planned with our daughter and son-in-law. Just last week, my wife and daughter were getting ready for a big trip overseas (one that could potentially result in us splitting our time between the US and abroad!). They spent weeks packing, preparing (mentally, emotionally, physically), and were ready to hit the road! The last thing they had to do was get their pre-flight COVID test and they were off to catch their flight that afternoon….and then – my very healthy, asymptomatic, daughter’s COVID test came back positive. Talk about needing Grace for the Present.

We are blessed: my daughter has had minimal to zero symptoms, but still! Having to completely adjust flights, hotels, and rental cars, not to mention the mental and emotional strain of feeling so prepared to only have the rug pulled out from under you – this really can feel daunting and overwhelming. Focusing on the moment and having Grace for the Present can allow some of that pressure to be taken off.

Fellow leader, as we continue to stretch into times of uncertainty, how can you actively keep in mind Grace for the Present? How can you help your team prepare for the future, but live in Grace for the Present?

big blue wave crashing