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The Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit was great!

In addition to the leadership and training work I do, my wife and I own several local businesses in Central Texas: Aqua-Tots Swim Schools.  These schools are child-friendly year-round indoor swim centers. Our team members at these schools get to help thousands of children annually become safe and comfortable in the water.  They are making a significant difference in Central Texas, which faces a real challenge when it comes to little children and water.

This year, once again, we had the privilege to take our entire Aqua-Tots leadership team to the Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit.  What a great way to invest current leadership insights into our top leaders.  I think I’ve been attending for close to 15 years – it is now a privilege to take a number of emerging leaders with me and get to process this life- and business-changing content together.

If you want access to this year’s resources or to learn more about the GLS, visit